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Begginers Astrology Class




3 days (7.5 hrs total)

About the Course

This is a beginners astrology course, for those who want to delve into the secrets of their stars, as well for those that already have some idea but want to take it to a deeper level. It will give you the tools to understand any chart, while you practice understanding your own.

It is part of a series of courses Tracy will be teaching, where she will later inspect details on specific subjects gaining depth and experience on the various singularities of astrology.

What is Astrology:

Astrology is a method of predicting mundane events and effects on a persons life and development; based upon the assumption that the celestial bodies—particularly the planets and the stars considered in their arbitrary combinations or configurations (called constellations)—in some way either determine or indicate changes in the sublunar world.

Leading the course we have Tracy Darling, owner of

She has years of experience in her craft, this is a little of what she has to say about herself: My passion for astrology was ignited as a child, checking horoscopes in my mom's magazines. I've traveled many rivers and streams of consciousness in the past four decades and am blessed to have studied with master teachers the world over, some famous, some unknown. I Am Tracy, a practicing astrologer with a global clientele. My specialty is "grow-your-soul" consultations. The celestial cycles, rhythms, and geometries of astrology have always spoken to me. My aim is not just to share your astrology, but to mentor you to grow into your full potential.

My heart's desire is to share this sacred cosmic science with you. Map My Stars is a work-in-progress. It will assist many treasured souls to awaken to, be inspired by, and align with their unique cosmic blueprints. Understanding your astrology aligns you with your highest potential by knowing your talents, gifts, and challenges.

It is an honor to be of service at this pivotal time on Beloved New Earth as Fifth Dimensional frequencies are anchoring in and the long-awaited Golden Age starts to unfold for humanity, showering us in golden light and infinite love. The course is ideal for beginners, it will give you the tools necessary to read any charts by using your own for practice. This series of courses will continue delving into the very depths of astrology with following courses to enlighten those who wish to take it to a higher level of understanding.

She will be offering Astrology readings the first Friday of every month.

The Beginners astrology course is priced $125 .

This price includes 3 classes of 2.5 hrs a pdf of the whole course and your printed chart.

Your Instructor

Tracy Darling

Tracy Darling

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