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Tarot Reading Certificate Private Coaching Class




12hrs (2 hr weekly)

About the Course

There is no date for this course, since its individual time with a coach, we will set the date as soon as you contact us.

Even though there is a syllabus to follow, the course is molded to your level of experience, and focuses on the areas that you need improvement. Whether you are an experienced, intermediate or beginner reader, this course will cater to areas that need polishing, improvement and growth.

The focus of this course is practical, you will learn how to gain information by looking at the cards, NOT memorizing them, how to apply this technique not just on the Rider Waite but on any deck presented to you, whether its oracle, tarot, or any other intuitive tool that uses symbols and images.

There will be a section on different spreads that will be talked upon, moral expectations, and valuable information about approaching difficult subjects.

Another of the areas focused on is experience and practice on accessing your intuition, coaching catering specifically on your personal way of using intuition, since we all receive spirit messages in different ways.

Reading practice included focused on as well, you will be coached and given the tools to leave this course with confidence that reading is a skill that you have, since weve never been proven otherwise, everyone has the ability to read cards, if they practice.

Intuition is a skill, set your mind to it, and allow us to guide you in making it strong.

NO PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED, only a Rider Waite deck, that we are happy to offer for your purchase if needed be.

Your Instructor



Tina has been a Reiki Practitioner for over 10 yrs a Tarot reader for over 20 yrs, and has been practicing with energy work for over 23 years.

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