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Candle workshop

Taught by:

Doralyns Love For Light: Deanna

Come and make your own Natural Soy Scented Candle with professional Deanna Baza, who owns her own line of candles Doralyns Love For Light!

Know all the secrets so you get it right the first time and are able to make it with your desired intention!

If you wish to sign up, simply click below and edit the subject of the email to your course of interest.

We look forward to hearing from you!



This is a group workshop, emphasizing in taking you through the candle making process in a practical manner; you will be going through the steps and walking out with your own candle, that you’ve personally built.

You will also have all the materials included for it, and your own sheet with all the information you need to take with you from the course.

Its aprox 4-5 hour course, where we will break for lunch, (which wont be included) but we will have food and drinks to pass the time

Cost of the workshop is $45 payed on sign up.

The group is taught by Deanna Baza owner of Doralyns Love For Light, a candle making company that specializes in professional natural soy scented candles.

Pictures below.

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