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Workshop: Shadow Work

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In this workshop, we'll be talking about what is your shadow, and we will guide you through exercises that will be helpful in the process of healing and integrating it.

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We are, like you, in our own process of working with our own shadows and as you will learn, shadow work is a lifetime process that never ends, as long as you are alive.

This course was designed from our own shadow work exercise through the years.
Exercises that we’ve picked up from many sources of wisdom, or have received ourselves.
These exercises are tools, they are simply a means to achieve the inner wisdom that will guide you to the state of balance and peace.
Through our personal experience, we’ve learned balance and self love is the goal of shadow work.

The aim of this course is to ASSIST you in finding your own answers, and help you experience and learn the use of tools that will facilitate your search in getting to know who you are, and accepting the whole of you.

We will have each class previously planned with shamanic exercises, but might intuitively add excercises as we see the need to illuminate any aspect of the shadow.

Classes will be on the friday of the dark moon, or the friday before the black moon.

Formal dates will be announced but first class start April 14th 2023.
Price: $15 per class
Time: 6:15pm to 8:30pm approximately.

Times might run longer or shorter depending on assistance; this is a delicate spiritual process and we will do our best to keep the schedule but we cannot promise.

Assign at least one journal, or copybook solely to this class.

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