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Akashic Records Message on Faith and Fear

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Fear is sickness, fear is misalignment.

Fear is the belief that you are not the all powerful being that we made you to be.

We guide you and protect you always. There is no reason for fear, because there is a lesson for every challenge, and things cannot happen any other way than they do.

That is why, Fear is weakness and Faith is strength.

Fear opens you up for others to prey; fear says "my Will is weak and I am vulnerable." There is no reason to fear if our Will is strong.

You are not more than those around you as you are not less, that is the blessing.

Live, Love, Laugh, stand strong in adversity because nothing can touch you if you don't seek adversity.

Without fear there is no place to sink a thorn, there is no place for harm, no spot without defense.

Strive to live with Faith; Faith in yourself, and so there will be Faith in others. Because faithful to yourself, what fear can there be of others?

There is only on blessing Fear can bestow, because everything on this Earth comes with a blessing, and that is Courage.

When overcome, it is overcome by Faith, that results in Courage.

There can be no Courage without Fear, so be Courageous, be Faithful and strive for conquering Fear; because thats is where we will understand that only as far as your Faith goes is the limit of your power.

Have Limitless Power. Have limitless Faith.

-Channeled by Tina

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