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How to grow your Intuition

how do I connect with spirit? How can I grow my "gifts"?

Ah, now that is a simple but hard thing to do.

The short simple answer is: listen to your intuition. The hard thing to do is to discover your intuition, distinguish it and develop it.

Exercises to develop your intuition?

Start with the simplest one, don’t deny your intuitive thoughts. You’ll be surprised once you consciously start practicing listening to your intuition how many times you deny it a day. This simple thoughts, like maybe I shouldn’t do this. There’s no logical reason why not really, so you do it. Maybe I should check this out... nah I’ll go to bed it won’t make a difference. Stop it.

Your very first exercise it’s to explore those thoughts without asking why they are there. This alone will strengthen your intuition.

What? No saying, no meditating no rituals under the full moon? That’s right. None. Spirituality is simple, it’s based on emotion and feelings, it’s main tool is yourself. No need for anything else.

Is this the only thing to do? No. But that is the first step. So simple yet no one truly explains how to start listening to it, so here you go:

Exercise number one

DO NOT DENY YOUR SELF, your thoughts and feelings. It’s scary? Yes. What is so scary? The fear of being wrong, or foolish, or as you go on listening to unexplainable thoughts and feelings, the fear of being a little crazy; Of loosing your logical grip on reality.

Are these fears real? Only the last one. I encourage letting go of your logical self at first A LOT because your grip and use of your logical mind will be strong. But once you are used to your intuition being strong, always keep that little voice

that grounds you in reality.

Exercise number two

Reading cards.

Readings cards requires 80 percent intuition and 20 percent studying. They are an excellent tool, and excuse to using your intuition every day.

The language of the tarot cards, doesn’t need to be memorized, it is explicit in the drawings or paintings of each individual card. There is a very simple method that will have you reading in no time, i teach this in my course, but if you simply wish to start, you may. Simply use the meaning of card, by believing the image of the card is the scene in a story. and

explain whats happening at this moment in time of the "story".

Messages can be received from anything in this world if you are open to receive them, from the flight of birds, spots on the wall, a picture or drops or coffee in a cup. All you have to be is receptive to the message spirit is trying to pull through. That is why some "intuitives" have developed it enough that they don’t need anything at all, but if you are not yet one of these people, you can

Theres many more ways one can practice, but they are variants of simply finding ways to USE it. So USE it as best you can, like a muscle it grows with practice, and it DOES get tired. Like and untrained muscle, if you over use it, it starts being less effective, but with time it grows stronger, and it takes longer to tire it.

We all have this talent, and like anything nature gave us, some are more talented than others, but as we are all designed to walk, we are all designed for intuition, whether it is strong or not, it is most definitely there, and if it exists, it is growable.

-Tina- Reiki Song

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