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Message from the Akashic Records

Having everything you need to be happy isn't about things, its about perspective. We come with everything, every tool we need to be happy, but when we don't honor ourselves, our true being, we stray from walking on the path of happiness.

Honor Yourself. Honor your being, and you'll find you always carried with you the key to happiness; you just have to uncover it by recognizing your own self. Seeing yourself and not your reflection in the eyes of others.

There is no shame in who you are, shame is the opposite of honor.

Shame is heavy.

Shame is a burden.

So embrace everything that you are and acknowledge that you are more than what exists in others minds. You are everything that you carry inside and have barely explored.

Honor yourself and you'll honor life, Spirit, and comrades.

Honor yourself with the gift of kindness, compassion and acceptance.

Be of service to yourself and you'll see how easy it is to be of service to others.

Honor Thyself.

-Channeling by - Tina - Reiki Song

Man Waterfall meditation plants boulder
Honor Thyself

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