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Providing Guidance in Your Path

Please know, once you book the appointment, we need to confirm it for it to be finalized.


Hawaiian Healing Sessions

A spiritual hand energy session beneficial for many chronic conditions. The use of Ho'oponopono – spiritual counseling/conflict resolution providing  improvement in health, interpersonal relationships, and other ailments.

Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki Healing sessions are an alternative healing techniques, where the reiki practitioner cleanses your body with their hands. The hands are hovered over the patients body, as they are revitalized and worked on their energetic blockages.

For these Sessions Tina, or Deanna are both available for your choosing.


Past life Regressions

These past life regression sessions will help you heal present blockages in your life that are triggering negative patterns that need to let go of. 

This 1hr session involves a guided meditation where you will uncover what you need for your healing.

Card Readings

Allow your guides to offer guidance on current, passed and future situations through the cards.

These are 1hr sessions readings.

For these Sessions Tina, or Deanna are both available for your choosing.


Mediumship Sessions

Talk with your past loved ones, and connect to their love.

These are 1hr sessions

For these Sessions Tina, or Deanna are both available for your choosing.

Akashic Records session

This is a channeling session, where we read into what has been is and will be in the journey of your soul. Come with questions, and allow the knowledge heal you so your soul can receive the guidance it needs to ascend.

For these Sessions Tina, or Deanna are both available for your choosing.


Key of Ankh

This is a new added therapy to the store, using the power of the Egyptian Cross: The Ankh we can clear wombs, auras, align chakras, remove blockages, negative energies, improve physical ailments, cleansing spaces and more; even able to do it long distance.

We will be having an introductory fee of 70% off for this therapy as of April, leaving the price at only $40 dollars the 1hr Session!

Hebrew Pendulum

- Kabbalah Therapy (Hebrew Pendulum):

We use the Symbols and talismans of Kabbalah for energetic cleansing purposes. 

They can help with:  chakra balancing; removal of energy blockages; cleansing of all sorts of negative energies; emotional, physical, spiritual well-being in general; activation and circulation of your own energy for physical healing; cord cutting; cleansing of past lovers' energy; etc


Spirit Animal Channeling

After working for years intuitively in my personal path with spirit animals, we have decided to bring some of the lessons and guidance that they have to offer to others.


We all have a spirit animal that walks besides us, normally not just one, some will walk with us their whole life, some only for a period of our lives, but they all bring important teachings.


Would you like to know what animal guide walks beside you in your spirits journey, or which one accompanies you right now?


How can it help you? What do you need to hear? What can you do to strengthen the relationship?


This is just another way to connect with your spirit guides, and learn the valuable lessons nature has for us.


Massage Therapist

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation with our massage therapy promotion! Unwind and rejuvenate as our skilled therapists melt away tension and stress. Experience a soothing blend of techniques designed to improve circulation, release muscle knots, and promote overall well-being. Treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of tranquility with our limited-time massage therapy offer.


Charm Readings

Discover the magic within with our charm readings promotion! Delve into the mystical world of charms and symbols as our experienced readers unveil the secrets they hold for your life's journey. Unravel the hidden meanings behind each charm, gaining insights into love, career, and personal growth. Embrace the enchantment and receive guidance for a brighter future. Don't miss this enchanting opportunity – book your charm reading now!

Guest Services

astrology reads.PNG

Astrology Readings

We have our own astrologer come up to do readings every 1 Friday of the month. She also bring with her aura photography, that accompanies greatly our reiki share!

Fill free to book her astrology readings, before she gets to busy to accomodate you, the hours change depending if she is also offering her astrology course.

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