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Next Retreat coming up Feb 2024 

This is a special retreat, its close by in Spring Town, Tx

For people with no experience of Reiki, that want to get attuned and achieve their Level 1 as a Reiki Practitioner.

If you are a Lv 1 practitioner or you want to get re attuned or just learn more of what we have to share, rest assured you are welcome to join!

Retreat will include three meals and sleeping accommodations in our Beautiful retreat center.

Activities will be focused towards learning healing techniques and tools, centering the body and mind, and getting attuned into your first level.

Our objective is to make groups small, so that we can focus on each individual, so limited places.

This is a great experience to commune with like minded people and grow and learn as an energy practitioner, whether its meant to be a personal skill for self growth or more than that.

Cost has all included (food, stay, activities) $475


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Winter Moon Reiki Sound Experience

Join us in a unique experienced right here at Sacred Journey with Lital and Tina!

Experience the transformative power of Reiki healing sound bath; Immerse yourself in a blissful journey of soothing vibrations, where gentle waves of sound and healing energy wash away stress and restore harmony. Rediscover inner peace and rejuvenation in this unique fusion of sound therapy and Reiki. Join us and embark on a profound healing journey today!


Rebirthing Breathwork


Sacred Heart Activation


New Moon in Libra Solar Eclipse

Join Lital in her NewMoon Ceremonies right here in Sacred Journey!

Step into the mystical realm of Libra and manifest what no new beginnings  you with our New Moon in Libra Manifesting Ceremony. Join us for an enchanting evening of sacred rituals and guided meditation, as we harness the Venusian and loving energy of Libra to manifest abundance and new beginnings. Surrender to the soothing sounds and embrace the transformative power of the new moon eclipse as it empowers your path. Don't miss this opportunity to find deep healing and liberation. Reserve your spot now and embark on a journey of profound release and renewal!


Gathering of Angels

This fun-filled two day workshop was created by Spirit with the intention to enhance your understanding of the connection between humans and the Spirit World. We will explore your personal awareness and attune to your Guardian Angel and God Team assigned to you for this migration. This workshop profoundly deepens your connection with your Divine Team!

Some of the things you will experience and learn:

  • Creating a sacred space

  • Learn techniques to connect with each member of Your God Team

  • Enhance and embrace your Higher Sensory Perception

  • Receive and understand intuitive information through your chakras

  • Learn about the Universal language and symbols

  • Receive angelic messages throughout the workshop

  • Invoking God Teams when doing Spiritual Healing/Energy Work

  • The importance of integrity, discernment and discipline

  • Receive Invaluable informative Guidebook

  • You will leave this event feeling uplifted and light-hearted with the Source of unconditional love

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Quantum-Touch® is a method of energetic healing that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to promote optimal wellness. Level 1 focuses on tactile, hands on healing also providing an introduction to distant healing.

The Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop provides you with the fundamental energy healing principles and techniques that we use throughout all Quantum-Touch workshops. Whether you simply want to learn how to care for yourself, friends, and family, or if you are a health care professional wishing to expand your skills, the Level 1 Workshop will teach you a wealth of Quantum-Touch techniques. Learn more about Quantum-Touch® Level 1 by visiting the Quantum-Touch website.

Some of the things you will experience and learn:

  • What Quantum-Touch® is and its history and principles

  • Five different breathing patterns and Full Body Sweep technique

  • Assessing and running energy into spine, hips and occipital ridge

  • Intermediate & advanced QT technique on basic energy patterns

  • Utilize QT Techniques

  • Recognize and release suppressed, oppressed or repressed emotions

  • Resonance of allowing manifestation, with distant, self-healing and amplified resonance technique

  • Chakras 1-7, their colors, working with them and toning

  • Principles of running energy into objects

  • Future of Quantum-Touch®

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