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Holistic Services

Different Energy Sessions and other services designed for spiritual growth and holistic wellness.




Crystals, Jewelry, Organic Candles & Herbs, Meditation Bowls and much more.

Meditating in Nature



Retreats & Courses

Courses aimed at internal growth, peace of mind, as well as the use of tools and techniques to achieve them.

Spiritual Teachings and Wellness Center

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Explore our mindfulness selection!

Autonomy Healing natural soy wax scented candle
Rhodocrosite MAcrame pendant
100% Bamboo recycled journals
NAtural Creystals  wrapped Hand crafted Pendants
Selenite Crystal Macrame Pendant
Ethereal Natural Soy Scented Candle
Why Naturopathy

Our Mission

Why we created Sacred Journey

Our Reasons Why

Here at "Sacred Journey Experience"we are dedicated  to honor and respect the wisdom within ourselves and the paths that we are called to walk in order to reach a higher understanding of our purpose in life and beyond.

This is why we've been called to provide a space where different tools and techniques are available to all, to choose which path will help in answering our own questions and discovering our own truths.

We honestly believe, that though we are all unique individuals, what helps one can help; all because spiritual wisdom is sourced in universal truths. This has motivated us to go far and wide spreading the light to our brothers and sisters that are willing to answer the call.

We wish to create a community where we learn by helping each other grow, and share our personal experiences, facilitating healing and growth. Every culture line or tradition is welcome in our circle respected and accepted because we believe that love is the way.


Tina and Dee were amazing. Today I had a dual reading on their live and although the wait was long, it was worth it. I deeply connected with the message and couldn't be more appreciative. Thank you soooo much.

— Jessie

Meet yor gudes

Meet your Guides


Deanna Baza

Reiki and Hawaiian Healer, Intuitive and Energy Worker

Coming to you from the small island named Guam, I have inherited my peoples spiritual strength  and the intuitive healing gifts that come from the maternal line in my family. This goes hands in hand with what ive found to be my main purpose in life, -serving humanity.

Between being married to my soulmate, and catering as a mother of 6, I have gained many experiences, and use the everyday enlightenment to bring kindness understanding and healing into my path. 

I plan to share these talents and gifts, like Hawaiian healing, Reiki and my intuitive abilities (which I have been gaining experience now for over 5 years) as well as my craft of creating scented candles that are made with the blessings and energy that my lineage brings with it.

Its always been my purpose to bring light into the darkness and facilitating healing and growth in others has always felt amazingly fulfilling. 

I will keep growing in my path, and I hope that Sacred Journey and the lives that intertwine with it along the way will serve to enrich it  even more, whatever and however it may be.


Tina Todaro

Usui Reiki Master, healer, intuitive and energy worker

Tina has been an intuitive tarot reader for over 20 yrs, an Akashic Records and Usui Reiki Master Practitioner for over ten years and added to her toolbox Hawaiian Healing. 

Coming from a very spiritual household, where culturally and descendant wise there was always a lot of respect for spiritual skills, her path led her to Reiki all the way down to her teenage years.

She had dreams of becoming a reiki practitioner even though she was unsure of what that looked like, and once she turned 19 she found by "coincidence" one of the few Reiki Masters of that time where she lived. 

The initiation opened her eyes, to how she had already been using energy to heal mostly her animals, and people around her, and brought her closer her calling which has always been helping others in the best way she possibly can, spreading kindness and mindfulness in others and herself, for no matter where you stand, you always have more to learn, and work to do within. 

Today she co-started Sacred Journey, to embody and grow that spirit of healing and learning from each other. Manifesting a growing community based on  experiencing kindness and acceptance for all living beings is the aim, and Sacred Journey Experience will show us the way.


Your Growth Starts Here

For news, DISCOUNTS and info on courses and retreats, submit the form, we will add you right in.

We wont spam, we believe in balance and respect.

Contact Info


8813 North Tarrant Parkway, North Richland Hills, Tx 76182 - 1st floor suite 110

Inside NT Suites building

Tuesday to Saturdays

10am to 6pm

Like all the best things, the magic is INSIDE 
Dont be confused, this is what the outside of our building looks like, please dont hesitate to come in!

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